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Tape-In Extensions are one of our most seamless extensions we offer, you’re able to get maximum versatility, length and fullness without any detection of you wearing extensions. Our extensions are pre-taped wefts that are attached to your real hair in a “sandwich” like bond. Our Tape-In Extensions are made with medical grade tape that’s infused with keratin to secure a nice firm hold. Our extensions are made with raw human hair that can be chemically altered, cut and styled to achieve any desired look. Our textured Tape-In extensions are highly recommended amongst the industry. 

Want longer, thicker hair? Well, these tape ins will give you just that! These extensions will take your natural hair game to the next level. The ideal client for tape ins are people who love to wear their natural hair but want more fullness or length or both! 

Our extensions includes 40 Tape-In extensions per bundle, typically 80 pieces (two bundles) of extensions are needed to complete a full install. Tape-In Extensions are great for clients with fine to medium hair as well as clients with thick to coarse hair. Our hair is 100% Raw Hair that has not been treated or process, however, you are able to color the extensions to your desired color of choice.

Each bundle is collected from a single donor with all cuticles aligned. Can last 1.5-3 years with proper care. 1- 2 bundles are recommended for natural look. 3 bundles are recommended for more volume 

Install, Removal & Reinstallation: Our Tape-In Extensions are pre-tapped and are ready to be applied. Our extensions can easily be installed without using any heat or tools. The extensions can be removed easily using Tape-In Remover. Once the extensions have been removed, you’re able to reapply the extensions by using Replacement Tape. 

Durability: Perfect Distraction Tape-In Extensions last 6 to 8 weeks before a retapping is needed. You’re able to used the extension up to 1 to 2 years with proper care and maintenance of the extensions. 

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Stylist tip

Hair Care Tips

Having the perfect hair regimen and realistic expectations is extremely important, especially if you want your hair to maintain its beauty for years to come. Whether you are a first-time customer or trying a new texture, we are here to help. Keep reading for everything you need to know when purchasing our Straight/Wavy textures, Curly textures, and our famous Lace products! 

Remember that you have purchased RAW human hair. This means that it will cooperate the same as your natural hair would! It was grown from a human scalp and will need to be treated as such. Please remember to also set realistic expectations with RAW human hair, especially higher-maintenance textures. If not taken care of properly, you will most likely experience dissatisfaction.  

Finding a haircare regimen that works for your hair texture can be difficult and expensive. That’s why we have taken the work out of the process for our KREANIQUE DOLLS. We have tested multiple haircare products and brands to cultivate the perfect regimen for our customers and ensure that you have the best experience possible when using KREANIQUE HAIR Extensions. After all, extensions are an investment and we want to ensure that it is protected





You will experience our signature floral fragrance. This is a result of our CoWash prior to shipment. You may also notice short hairs around the weft called “beards” which are completely normal. 

As a result of the wefting process, you may experience a few loose hairs during your initial brush out and CoWash. This is normal and should reduce significantly after the first few washes. We expect that you will have minimal shedding each day while following a routine haircare regimen. Please be advised that RAW hair gets better with time – it needs love! 


Always wash your hair extensions prior to installation while leaving the zip-ties intact. This will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the bundles. If you detect any abnormalities kindly contact us immediately and we will resolve them accordingly.  



Use the over and out method when installing your hair. We recommend to double the track folding the weft in half to ensure beards are inwards and not touching scalp. We advise against piercing the wefts as this can cause excessive shedding. Additionally, you may seal your wefts using a high quality weft sealant. Only cut your wefts when absolutely necessary.  



Conditioner only wash (CoWash) is recommended 2-3 times per week. This is to ensure your hair is retaining moisture and periodically cleansing any build-up that could cause matting or tangling.  Should your extensions need deep conditioning, we recommend using a thick deep conditioner containing smoothing properties to minimize unwanted frizz.  

For the ultimate CoWash experience, complete the following: 

  1. Part your hair in 7-10 sections before shower/hair bath. 
  2. Detangle each section as much as possible using wide-tooth comb or our favorite wavy hair brush, working from roots to tips. 
  3. Saturate hair completely with water. 
  1. Start from bottom of install, part your hair using your fingers and gather 1 inch section, tie up the rest of install on top of head. 
  2. Lather 1 inch section generously with conditioner and brush hair with Denman brush from ends working your way up to roots. Complete 2 “brush outs” on section starting with a Denman brush by the ends of the hair all the way through the top of the wefts. This will let you know that your hair is properly detangled. 
  3. Repeat throughout entire install. 
  4. By this time, your hair should be completely detangled and have much “slip” as it is saturated with conditioner. Twist hair into top bun or braid. Let conditioner sit for 15-20 minutes. Do not massage hair to avoid frizz.  
  5. Rinse thoroughly. For extra waves scrunch to enhance wave pattern or set in rollers. Dry with cotton hair towel, microfiber towel, or t-shirt as regular bath towels will cause excessive frizz. 
  6.  Apply dime sized amount of smoothing oil or glossing polish if desired to weigh down hair strands and minimize frizz throughout day. Allow to air dry. 
  7. Between installs or once per month use an intensive hair masque or hot oil treatment to aid in the longevity of your extensions.  


  1. Brush or comb through to style.  
  2. Apply an alcohol-free glossing polish or hair serum for shine and frizz control as needed. Excessive product may lead to stiff hair which may cause matting and tangling. When product has build-up, it is time for a CoWash!  
  3. Always use heat protectant when heat styling to avoid damage. Keep in mind, excessive heat styling can alter the original wave pattern and integrity of the hair (similar to your natural hair). 



Before bed, put hair into a high ponytail or roll into a bun to enhance wave pattern. Apply satin scarf or bonnet to reduce frizz and fly-aways. For bouncy waves, style with flexi-rods. After waking up, remove overnight protection and comb through using Our Favorite Hair Brush beginning at the ends and working your way up. Style as needed.  


We recommend hydrating conditioners with smoothing properties to maintain the moisture and reduce frizz. Below are a few of our favorite products.  

  • Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner 
  • Tresseme Keratin Smooth Conditioner (recommended to combat frizz)
  • Any Organic and All-Natural Conditioner 
  • Proclaim Glossing Polish 
  • Macadamia Intensive Oil Treatment  
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